Position: SendSentencesSend a series of sentences; NMEA or TW message formats accepted.

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Usage Notes

The Sentences parameter takes a deliminated list of messages for the specified Device. The list can be deliminated by a semi-colon (;) or a carriage-return/linefeed combo (\n or CR+LF).

Valid sentences use one of three formats; NMEA RMC message, Trak iT Wireless Minimum Location Data format, or the Trak iT Wireless Location Based Service format. Here are some examples of each:

Trak iT Proprietary Messages


NMEA Messages


Example of Returned Data

<SendSentences Success="?" Message="" />

Test Method

DeviceIDstringUnique device identifier; not the same as the numeric identifier applied by the Fleet Freedom Core Services
InventoryFleetIdint32Unique Identifier for the default fleet (default should be 0)
SentencesstringSee Usage Notes.
Multiple sentences are separeted by a new line or semi-colon.