Zones: GetZoneGets details of the specified Zone

Usage Notes

A Zone node contains its shape detail as the node's text value. There is always at least four pairs for each shape detail; three for the space, and the last is a repeat of the first. The last lat/long pair is always identical to the first lat/long pair.

The format of the shape details is a space deliminated string as follows:
On the last pair, the space is not present.

Example of Returned Data

<GetZone Success="?" Message="">
<Zone ID="#" FleetID="#" Name="" Shape="" Colour="" Area="#" Perimeter="#" GMTAdded="yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff" Notes="">
lat1,long1 lat2,long2 lat3,long3 latN,longN lat1,long1

Test Method

ZoneIDint32Unique zone identifier