Behaviours Advanced: UpdateBehaviourAnalogWireUpdates the analog wire definition for the specified Behaviour

Example of Returned Data

<UpdateBehaviourAnalogWire Success="?" Message="" />

Test Method

BehaviourIDint32Unique behaviour identifier
EnabledbooleanEnable any analog wire events, or disable all
NumberbyteAnalog wire number
WireTypestringUse I for input, O for output
NamestringThe name of the thing to which this analog wire is connected.
ForwardFormulastringThe math formula to transform model-specific voltage to a percentage
ReverseFormulasingleThe math formula to transform percentage into model-specific voltage
MeasuresingleThe type of unit being measured. ie: Litres, oC, etc...
MeasureLowstringThe lowest value the analog voltage represents. ie: 0 Litres, -40 oC, etc...
MeasureHighstringThe highest value the analog voltage represents. ie: 80 Litres, +150 oC, etc...
ChangeEnabledbooleanEnable analog wire changed events
ChangeNamestringName of the value changed event
ChangeThresholdsingleVoltage level threshold to trigger changed event
HighEnabledbooleanEnable analog voltage too high events
HighNamestringName of the too high event
HighThresholdsingleVoltage level threshold to trigger too high event
HighModebyteMode for the Device while high
LowEnabledbooleanEnable analog voltage too low events
LowNamestringName of the too low event
LowThresholdsingleVoltage level threshold to trigger too low event
LowModebyteMode for the Device while low