Behaviours Advanced: UpdateBehaviourOutOfDateUpdates the position out-of-date events for the specified Behaviour

Usage Notes

The out-of-date status for a Device's postion is only calculated if the Device's ModeID is in the ApplicableModes list.

To disable out-of-date events, make the list blank.

When the Device's mode is not listed in ApplicableModes, then the Device node's IsCurrent attribute will always be set as 1.

Example of Returned Data

<UpdateBehaviourOutOfDate Success="?" Message="" />

Test Method

BehaviourIDint32Unique behaviour identifier
ImmediatelybooleanSet's the Device's position to out-of-date as soon as s single GPS Fix Unavailable is received
MaximumThresholdint32The maximum age of a position (in seconds) before it is considered out of date
MovingThresholdint32The maximum age of a position (in seconds) while the device is moving/speeding before it is considered out of date
ApplicableModesstringA comma deliminated list of ModeIDs. Make this blank to disable out-of-date events.
Example: 1,2,3,4 or 0,2,3