Behaviours Advanced: UpdateBehaviourSpeeding Updates a Behaviour's speeding definitions

Usage Notes

Devices are marked as speeding in two ways; firstly if they exceed the specified MaxSpeedLimitThreshold value or if they exceed the posted speed limit by the StreetLimitThreshold.

The posted speed limit is taken from a Device's current position, which is reverse-geocoded using a separate, internal database. Street speed limits are mostly assumed based on the city plan, however there are several roads which have verified speed linits. To improve the accuracy of posted speed limits, you can send an email to

Example of Returned Data

<UpdateBehaviourSpeeding Success="?" Message="" />

Test Method

BehaviourIDint32Unique behaviour identifier
MaxSpeedLimitEnabledbooleanEnable speeding events based on maximum speed.
MaxSpeedLimitThresholdsingleIn Kilometers per hour.
StreetLimitEnabledbooleanEnable speeding events based on posted speed limit.
StreetLimitThresholdsingleIn Kilometers per hour.