Maintenance: UpdateMaintenanceJobUpdates an existing Maintenance Job

Example of Returned Data

<UpdateMaintenanceJob Success="?" Message="" EventID="#" />

Test Method

JobIDint32Unique Maintenance Job identifier
VehicleOdometersingleThe recorded odometer of the vehicle (in kilometers)
VehicleEngineHourssingleThe recorded hours or operation (in minutes)
RepairNamestringThe type of maintenance work
RepairCostsingleRounded to two digit decimal value
RepairWorkOrderint32A field to save your own work order value
RepairDurationstringHow long the maintenance took to complete (in minutes)
GarageNamestringThe name of the place the work was done
GarageTechnicianstringThe name of the guy doing the work
CompletedGMTdatetimeDate and Time the work was completed. Can be null for incomplete/canceled jobs.
StatusIDbyteIdentifier for maintenance job status:
0 = pending
1 = completed
2 = cancelled