Maintenance Schedules: UpdateMaintenanceScheduleUpdates an existing recurring Maintenance Schedule

Example of Returned Data

<UpdateMaintenanceSchedule Success="?" Message="" />

Test Method

ScheduleIDint32Unique Maintenance Schedule identifier
IconIDint32Unique icon identifier
RepairNamestringThe type of maintenance work
RepairCostsingleRounded to two digit decimal value
RepairDurationint32How long the maintenance is expectedcx to take (in minutes)
RepairWorkOrderstringA field to save your own work order value
GarageNamestringThe name of the place the work will be done
GarageTechnicianstringThe name of the guy doing the work
DaysEnabledbooleanRecurr based on days
DaysIntervalint32in Days
DistanceEnabledbooleanRecurr based on distance travelled (odometer)
DistanceStartingsinglein Kilometers
DistanceIntervalsinglein Kilometers
EngineHoursEnabledbooleanRecurr based on engine hours (running time)
EngineHoursStartingsinglein Minutes
EngineHoursIntervalsinglein Minutes
PredictionEnabledbooleanSend notification when this job is predicted to come due
PredictionDaysint32The number of days in advance the prediction bases its calculation
PredictionAsJobbooleanCreates a Pending Job when this schedule is predicted to become due within the PredictionDays threshold
PastDueEnabledbooleanSend emails when the schedule comes due