Dispatch: UpdateRouteDestinationsUpdates an existing Route's destinations

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Usage Notes

<location id="#" name="" pickups="" dropoffs="" delay="#" notes="" />
<point name="" latitude="#" longitude="#" pickups="" dropoffs="" delay="#" notes="" />
<address name="" pickups="" dropoffs="" delay="#" notes="">
street address

Example of Returned Data

<UpdateRouteDestinations Success="?" Message="" />

Test Method

RouteIDint32Unique Route identifier
DirectionsbooleanReserved for future use
AvoidTollsbooleanAttempt to bypass toll-roads (not guaranteed)
AvoidHighwaysbooleanAttempt to bypass highways (not guaranteed)
OptimizebooleanSolve in-between destinations for "Travelling Salesman" problem
DestinationsXmlstringSee Usage Notes.
A string to represent the stops in a route.